Dandruff Shampoo

Best Natural Anti Dandruff Shampoos

There are a lot of brands that promote their shampoos as the best dandruff shampoo, make sure to use only A Real dandruff shampoo for your hair. The choice of the anti dandruff shampoo will depend on the nature of the hair and the brand.

Dandruff Treatment methods

Practically speaking dandruff can be removed through brushing and by using a suitable anti dandruff shampoo. Using shampoo for dandruff is a sufficient and necessary. If you are wondering what is the best dandruff shampoo or you are worried about the best way to treat the scalp that is dry read the following:

Baby Dandruff Shampoo
Choose the baby dandruff shampoo with extra gentle action. High moisture and low suds with good bubbling action provides the babies with the kind of comfort that is optimum. Vitamin E and provitamin B adds luster to the hair. They do not produce tears at all. These are delicate helps eliminate baby dandruff.
Kids Dandruff Shampoo
Make sure to choose those kids dandruff shampoo in the same way you choose the product for the babies. These are also to be tear-free, gentle acting and full of richness. It must remove dandruff without hurting the hair or scalp in any way. One such shampoo is baby shampoo by Himalaya. Naturally when choosing the dandruff shampoo for kids one has to pay extra attention to the irritation the shampoo causes when it gets in the eyes.
Dandruff Shampoo for Women
Choosing the best dandruff shampoo for women is a cinch when you find that the ingredients have extracts from sandalwood (very fragrant), rosemary (antibacterial and antifungal), banyan tree (anti-inflammatory) black cumin seeds (cleansing properties), and lemon and tea tree. This is a product by Himalaya Products and strengthens roots of hairs and adds body.
Dandruff Shampoo for Men
The opinion on the best dandruff shampoo for men will necessarily depend on price and quality.

Natural dandruff shampoos

In the natural shampoo for dandruff we have natural ingredients like white willow bark extract, aloe vera leaves crushed, lavender, rosemary, green tea, rosemary leaves extract, vitamin E, vitamin B5, patchouli and geranium.

All natural dandruff shampoo made from herbs and fruits retain a fresh scent and are delightfully refreshing. It is useful to control dandruff while keeping the hair moist and healthy. They are very good at ridding the scalp of the flaky skin that can prove to be so itchy.

Tea tree oil is very beneficial to the skin and the scalp. The tea tree shampoo dandruff likewise is very effective in taking care of the scalp and the skin. It helps to keep acne away and is very refreshing for the scalp.

Different types of dandruff treatment shampoos

When you are asked about the best anti dandruff shampoo you will have to consider all the factors including the price and the efficacy of the shampoo. The best shampoo for dandruff may be natural or one that is produced commercially. Read up some good dandruff shampoo reviews and get an idea about the way they work on a day-to-day basis.

The better the sulfate free dandruff shampoo is the better will the condition of your scalp. For dry and flaky scalp that have itchy sensation, these shampoos will keep the scalp healthy. The indications are silvery flakes on the scalp and the best way to rejuvenate the scalp is to use tea tree oil or olive oil. These are substances that will remove the flakes and bring back the gloss to your scalp.

Most medicated dandruff shampoo contains selenium sulfide or ketoconazole or zinc pyrithione or a combination of these. These are effective in fighting fungal infections, removing the excess flaky skin production and providing relief for the itchy scalps. The organic dandruff shampoo containing neem oil and organic sulfur are best for relieving the itching from a dry scalp. The prescription dandruff shampoo works because they contain medical ingredients like selenium sulfide and ketoconazole. They are definitely worth the buy unless you have some kind of allergy to the chemicals.

Different Brands of shampoo

Head & Shoulders Anti Dandruff ShampooThere are many dandruff shampoos on the market. Neutrogena T gel is one of the best shampoos for dandruff. It controls both the oil and the flakes with equal ease. It helps build the body of the hair. It is useful to control the scalp condition and gets rid of the itchiness. It is also economical.

For people with highly sensitive skin the Kenra dandruff shampoo is very good. It does not have too many ingredients and fragrances. There are no essential oils and so does not irritate the skin. So for the people who have sensitive scalps this is recommended.

One could consider the Head &Shoulders as the Best anti dandruff shampoo for men. Considered to be a heavy weight the Head and shoulders dandruff shampoo is a champion when it comes to scalp problems. Even those with skin afflictions of the face find the application of this shampoo will relieve them of the symptoms if used daily. Naturally it is a favorite shampoo for them.

Some also prefer Garnier dandruff shampoo because it has good action against fungal infections. It leaves the scalp fresh and alive through its moisturizing action. People who use Garnier fructis dandruff shampoo are uniformly impressed with the results. The Garnier fructis anti dandruff shampoo is gentle and controls dandruff effectively. It rehydrates the scalp and gives a great feel to the hair. It does not leave a heavy build up.

The Axe dandruff shampoo received good reviews by many people. It takes about a week for the shampoo to work but the results are very clearly noticeable. This is one of the market leaders in the cosmetics industry.

There are also many benefits of the Clear dandruff shampoo. The Clear anti dandruff shampoo has pyrithione zinc that has strong action against dandruff. It has bio-nutrium 10 a combination of botanical actives and ten nutrients. It has in addition vitamin B5 and vitamin E and oils of sunflower, soya bean, coconut and almond. The addition of mint, tea tree oil, and ginseng adds to the potency of the shampoo.

When you buy Selsun blue dandruff shampoo you are assured of a quality product. This has 7 or more intense moisturizers along with a conditioner. It has Vitamin B5 and E and a light citrusy fragrance. It has selenium sulfide formulated to fight scaling and provides good comfort to the scalp. Homocrin natural rebalancing shampoo is a good shampoo for dandruff. It has natural elements that help to assist the scalp in remaining healthy. The ingredients are all formulated to keep the scalp nourished.

Another good shampoo around for treating dandruff is Jason dandruff shampoo has rosemary oil, colloidal sulfur, and olive oil for effective control of dandruff. If you are looking for an in expensive and high end solution then Suave dandruff shampoo probably fits the bill exactly. This takes care of the dryness in the hair dandruff and has a mild tingling effect. Ketoconazole is the active ingredient in nizoral dandruff shampoo. This is used to treat fungal infections and destroys the growth of yeast by stopping the production of ergosterol by the fungus.

Shampoo for colored hair

Many women look for dandruff shampoo for color treated hair. The Color Me Happy Shampoo is a color safe dandruff shampoo produced by herbal Essences is considered good. It has acai berries to enrich your hair.

Another option for dandruff shampoo for colored hair is the Pureology Hydrate shampoo. It has gentle cleansing and moisturizing effects. It does not disturb the color of the hair. It has tea, sandalwood anise, and patchouli and ylang-ylang.

Best Shampoo for dandruff

When you are choosing the best dandruff shampoo you have to consider two or three things. Firstly, you have to see that it has the essential ingredients. These are the ones that are present in all the shampoos used to treat dandruff.

Secondly you have to make sure that the ingredients are all natural since this eliminates the allergy factor. Thirdly make sure that it is the type suited for the particular affliction that is being treated. For example, if it is a fungal infection that is the cause of the dandruff then you have to choose a suitable anti fungal cream or shampoo.

Homemade anti dandruff shampoos

You can make your own homemade dandruff shampoo without too much trouble. Baking soda is a godsend since it removes the flakes without removing the oils in the scalp. It has no harsh chemicals. It does not create any odor and is not at all costly.

Adding powdered aspirin to the normal shampoo is one of the best dandruff shampoos. This is because of the unique action of the aspirin that removes the flaky dandruff.

Best home remedy would include a regular massage of the scalp with coconut oil alternating with lemon juice on a periodic basis. There are people who claim that best natural dandruff shampoo is yogurt. This is good in removing the dandruff and giving nourishment to the skin.

When you have dandruff and you find your dandruff shampoo not working as well as it should, use lemon. This is going the lemon way and what do you do in lemon time? Squeeze half a rind of lemon over your head. Massage it into your scalp. Wait for 10 minutes. Now squeeze the remaining lemon into a mug of water. Rinse the hair thoroughly with this water. Repeat this process for 4 – 5 days and you will find that the dandruff has disappeared.